UNWND: Not Just a Travel Experience, but a Groundbreaking Platform for Local Art

Imagine the possibility of spontaneously packing your hiking boots and mobile office, ready to explore the untamed landscapes that the world has hidden away. Yet, at the end of an adventurous day, you retreat into suites that are the epitome of luxury, complete with high-thread-count sheets. Now, add to this a backdrop of unique art pieces that celebrate local creativity. Welcome to UNWND Boutique Hotel, a curated chain of boutique hotels that transcends the conventional, offering not just a place to stay but a living gallery of local art.

UNWND Boutique Hotel stands as an extraordinary sanctuary for those in pursuit of authentic and unique experiences. Whether you are an avid trekker, a foodie who enjoys international flavors, or a dreamer who aspires to roam the streets of world capitals, UNWND Boutique Hotel offers a world of life’s finest delights. From gourmet dishes and craft cocktails to a rich tapestry of curated art, UNWND Boutique Hotel has it all.

The signature feature of UNWND Boutique Hotel is its steadfast commitment to promoting local art. Every living space serves as a mini gallery adorned with handpicked art pieces, decorative throws, and cushions. UNWND Boutique Hotel’s curated spaces celebrate artistic talent and actively encourage guests to engage with and appreciate the art around them.

UNWND Places to Chill: Where Art and Place Blend

• UNWND Boutique Hotel Calatagan: A mix of coastal tranquility and artistic flair creates an adventurous atmosphere in this tropical paradise.

• UNWND Boutique Hotel Dumaguete: Stones throw away from the airport where guests enjoy convenience mixed with a showcase of Dumaguete’s cultural artistry.

• UNWND Flats Dumaguete: An extension of the Boutique Hotel Dumaguete, offering multi-level living spaces infused with local art.

• UNWND Flats Makati: Located in the vibrant Poblaciondistrict, the serviced apartments challenge conventions by integrating art, design, and culture.

• UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati: Positioned in one of the city’s most bustling neighborhoods, offering a range of accommodations, each embellished with a touch of local artistry.

In hindsight, UNWND Boutique Hotel offers more than a luxurious lodging experience; it acts as a spotlight for local artists, thereby enriching each destination’s cultural fabric. As guests enjoy diverse amenities and experiences, they are also encouraged to explore and appreciate the art that adorns the establishment, creating a unique blend of experiential and artistic luxury. For your next getaway, consider UNWNDBoutique Hotel—for an enriching journey through art, culture, and imagination.

How UNWND Offers Tailored Experiences for Every Modern-Day Wanderer

If there’s any travel aid that understands the needs of different types of travelers, UNWND is at the forefront. With a collection of properties located in some of the most captivating destinations like Poblacion in Makati, Dumaguete in Negros Oriental, Calatagan in Batangas and Caticlan in Malay, UNWND goes beyond the conventional idea of a hotel stay. They offer an immersive and authentic experience that celebrates the essence of each location and connects travelers to the heart of their destination.

At the core of UNWND’s philosophy is the belief in celebrating the five senses. They understand that travel is not just about visiting places; it’s about fully experiencing and embracing everything a location has to offer. From the delectable flavors of the local cuisine to the soothing sounds of nature, the breathtaking sights, the vibrant colors, and the textures that define a place – UNWND invites guests to indulge in a sensory feast that resonates deeply with the modern-day wanderer’s spirit.

No matter what kind of traveler you are, UNWND has the perfect experience waiting  for you. Are you a peaceful soul seeking a touch of adventure? UNWND Calatagan is your tranquil haven, where you can bask in the briny air and the gentle sway of trees, all while enjoying vibrant interiors and exciting explorations.

If you’re an art enthusiast and a social butterfly, UNWND Caticlan is your creative paradise. With its beachfront location, this property exudes life and color, and the curated murals and artworks will immerse you in the island’s unique artistic expressions. Plus, the rooftop deck and pool provide the perfect setting to mingle with like-minded travelers and make new friends.

Are you looking for a vibrant gateway to new experiences? UNWND Dumaguete is your go-to destination. Just minutes away from the airport, this boutique hotel offers an array of accommodations to suit every wanderer. You’ll be surrounded by local art, and the poolside libations and outdoor workouts will make your vacation unforgettable.

UNWND Makati

For long-staying guests or those in search of a tranquil respite, UNWND Flats Dumaguete is your ideal choice. Enjoy the convenience of being near the airport and immerse yourself in the local culture and design, making you feel right at home.

Meanwhile, UNWND Flats Poblacion sets the bar high for serviced residences. Located in Makati’s most exciting borough, this unique space marries art, design, culture, and local flavor, creating an elevated experience like no other.

And finally, for those who love to explore local culture, indulge in culinary treats, and just embrace the art of being chill, UNWND Boutique Hotel Makati is your ultimate escape. With various accommodations to suit every type of traveler, you’ll find yourself collecting memories and celebrating the joy of life.

In a world where cookie-cutter experiences have become commonplace, UNWND stands out as a brand that redefines the very essence of travel. They believe that a journey should be more than just a series of sightseeing activities – it should be a transformative experience that touches the soul and leaves lasting memories.

So, whether you’re an adventurous soul, a social explorer, or simply seeking a tranquil respite, UNWND beckons you to discover your perfect travel experience and celebrate the art of being chill in every moment.

Experience a Revitalizing Journey to Filipino Heritage at Nawa: Exploring Herbalism, Authentic Wellness, and Paleo-Filipino Cuisine

CALATAGAN, PHILIPPINES – Nawa, deriving its name from the Filipino word for “wish,” emerges as an undiscovered treasure in the heart of Calatagan, serving as a cultural epicenter that celebrates the Philippine legacy. The sanctuary elegantly intertwines herbalism, authentic health regimens, and prehistoric Filipino gastronomy, providing a multifaceted approach to wellness.

The resort, a proud venture of the Araw Hospitality Group, reaffirms its commitment to time-tested wellness by championing herbalism, humanity’s earliest known form of medicine. Leveraging the abundant native Filipino herbs, Nawa serves as a conduit to nature’s healing secrets. The Herbal Apothecary is an integral part of the retreat, presenting traditional herbal remedies that include the sacred practice of smudging, a unique method of space purification through energy cleansing. Visitors are also invited to participate in the transformative Madre Kakau and Hapé ceremonies, harking back to Amazonian shamanic healing rituals.

Nawa’s commitment to fostering health also extends to a variety of wellness experiences. Accommodations offer roomy, breathable villas and teepee huts facing mountainsides, embodying an idyllic island atmosphere. The wellness center provides an array of services from a full-service spa, meditation studio, to a sauna and steam room, promoting indulgence and tranquility.

Moreover, the wellness studio caters to various activities such as yoga, mat Pilates, personal training, and circuit training, proven methodologies to invigorate latent energy, improve flexibility, and enhance movement and breath consciousness.

When it comes to gastronomic feasts, Nawa intertwines wellness with soul-nourishing food. Dining at Nawa transcends the ordinary, offering Paleo-inspired Filipino meals that resonate with the Philippine’s rich culinary customs by utilizing locally procured ingredients that merge outdoor elements indoors through earthen tones, natural finishing materials, and artisan-crafted ceramic ware.

Every aspect of Nawa’s mission to forge a harmonious healing community anchored in Filipino culture and traditions shines through its offerings. By crafting a space that promotes the conservation of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, Nawa welcomes guests to initiate a wellness journey that forms an integral part of their existence. As visitors saunter through lush canopies and bask in the serene mountain ambiance, they are invited to rekindle their relationship with nature and their inner selves, leaving Nawa with rejuvenated vigor and a profound appreciation for the unique touch, hospitality, and care embodied in Filipino culture.

WomenbizPH Launches 2023 Women Strong Network Hybrid Trade Fair in Cebu

The Women’s Business Council Philippines, also known as WomenbizPH, has always led the way in advancing the women’s agenda in the APEC and ASEAN region. Since WomenbizPH was established in 1997 as the lead private sector of the government, particularly the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Philippine Commission on Women, it has been the leading voice of Filipinas in commerce and has provided a platform to discuss women’s issues in business and possible government policies and solutions. 

WomenBizPH’s aim is to help women-led and women-owned medium, small, and micro enterprises (WMSMEs) grow and become more sustainable. To make this happen, WomenBizPH established the Women Strong Network, an organization with 120 WMSMEs as founding members, with representatives from WomenBizPH and the DTI to serve as technical advisors. It aspires to build the capacity of WMSMEs for business continuity planning and develop a network for their sustained knowledge building, exchange, and innovation.

As part of its capacity building and business recovery program, WomenBizPH kicked off this year’s Women Strong Network Hybrid Trade Fair at the atrium of SM Seaside Cebu. The exhibit allowed the public to connect with women MSMEs who showcased their proudly-Filipino-made goods and products. 

Apart from visiting and purchasing valuable and world-class products in the participants’ stalls, attendees explored interactive booths, participated in engaging workshops, and gained valuable insights from expert-led panel discussions and keynote presentations.

The esteemed list of speakers who graced the opening day included Presidential Adviser on Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion and Go Negosyo Founder Joey Concepcion; Senior Vice President for SM Holdings Inc. Marissa Fernan; Airspeed President and WomenbizPH President Rosemarie Rafael and WomenbizPH’s Chairperson Mylene Abiva. Abiva said: “The Hybrid Trade Fair Cebu 2023 is not just an event; it’s a movement to propel women entrepreneurs to new heights and make their mark in the global business landscape.”

Those who took part in the fair were a mix of start-ups and established brands like Tina Campos Jewelry, Clairs Enterprises, Bez Acre Farm Products, Rachel’s Homemade, Good Things Come in 3’s, Love Merlle, Fifty Shades Basketry, Aromacology Sensi, Almar Jewelry Marketing, Tesoro, Magicmelt Foods Inc., Daren Kate Footwear, Les Chocolateries, Ikiru Life Drinking Water, Virtucio, Jzaki Enterprise, Metaje and Kirby’s Chicharon.

Embrace Luxury in Simplicity at One Hagdan Villas in Boracay

Nestled in a secluded location on Boracay Island, One Hagdan Villas offers guests a resort experience that is a step above luxury. Their curated collection of villas draws inspiration from the discerning traveler, ensuring world-class comfort, contemporary design, and unparalleled privacy as cornerstones of their reimagined villa experience.

Mirroring the ethos of LIHIM in El Nido, Palawan, One Hagdan Villas embraces the idea of ‘Luxury in Simplicity,’ offering an unapologetically secluded and intimate escape for the discerning traveler. Similar to its inspiration, the villa aims to be the perfect sanctuary for guests to rest, relax, and recharge, providing a discreet destination of choice.

Among the offerings in the Curated Villa Collection is BAITANG, an expansive villa covering 145 square meters with four bedrooms; the equally impressive HAKBANG villa which boasts of a generous space of 193 square meters and four bedrooms; and, BALUSTRE, an elegant villa spanning 156 square meters and featuring four inviting bedrooms.  Prices for these rooms start at Php 23,000.

Each villa is thoughtfully designed to reflect world-class comfort, contemporary aesthetics, and utmost privacy. Guests are invited to unwind in sprawling private spaces, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass that opens to breathtaking views of Boracay’s crystal waters and tropical landscapes. Here, simplicity is interwoven with luxury, creating a seamless blend of nature and refinement.

One Hagdan Villas takes luxury a step further with their curated services. Guests can enjoy the expertise of a private chef to provide customized culinary experiences in the comfort of their villa. Recently, it launched its in-room dining service, which features crave-worthy cuisine from Gana Restaurant. Pantry stocking services ensure that the guests’ preferred products are ready before arrival. For those looking to host a villa party, the Mobile Bar service offers a selection of classic cocktails, mocktails, and more. A private mixologist can also prepare creative libations for guests with their preferred bottles and mixers.

Moreover, each villa is thoughtfully configured with living areas, fully equipped kitchens, bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, spacious decks, private pools, and recreation areas. It caters to both restful relaxation and unforgettable gatherings, providing guests with an exceptional setting for every desire.

In the spirit of LIHIM, One Hagdan Villas is a hidden gem of unparalleled villa luxury in Boracay. As guests step into their private address in paradise, they embark on an unforgettable journey of tranquility, where the essence of luxury lies in the beauty of simplicity.

With an ‘experience like no other’ approach, One Hagdan Villas invites guests to uncover a hidden gem of unparalleled villa luxury in Boracay. Reserve your private address in paradise today!

For inquiries and reservations, visit https://onehagdanvillas.com/, One Hagdan Villas on Facebook or email info@onehagdanvillas.com.

PH largest private employer Concentrix sustains remarkable growth with 3 new sites launched

(PR) Manila, Philippines – In a historic first on August 18, Concentrix Philippines simultaneously launched its 3 newest sites nationwide: Giga Tower in Bridgetowne, Quezon City, One Montage in Cebu Business Park, and Davao Finance Center in Davao Park District. Concentrix staff, leaders, partners from government and private sector also attended the launch and tour of facilities in their respective cities. Concentrix President and CEO Chris Caldwell was also present. 

The launch event called “One Concentrix Nation” highlights the remarkable growth of Concentrix and the company’s investments to bring career opportunities throughout the country. The 3 sites’ locations correspond to the 3 major island groups of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao respectively. 

The expansions also reinforce Concentrix’s position as the nation’s undisputed largest private employer with approximately 100,000 staff, and brings the company’s total sites in the Philippines to 50, located in 20 cities for its brick-and-mortar operations.

Concentrix Giga Site Tour: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1231767814328670

According to Amit Jagga, SVP and Country Leader for Concentrix Philippines, “Our journey in the Philippines has always been about growth. In 16 years, we have grown from a handful of people to a 100,000-strong team today. Launching 3 new sites altogether is a big growth milestone representing close to 5,700 combined staff in these locations and the opportunity to grow further. It’s visible proof of our continued growth, and a tangible message of our continued commitment to the Philippines: we’ll continue to invest in providing meaningful career opportunities to as many talented Filipinos as possible. Further, the multi-site launch being nationwide also demonstrated that when we expand our presence to more people and places, it translates to employment and other economic opportunities also spreading to those communities..”

All 3 sites: Giga, One Montage Cebu, and Davao Finance Center operate 24/7, and have close to 30,000 sq.m of space in combined total. Staff support clients in industries such as Communications, Financial Services, Retail, Technology, Travel, Healthcare, and Content Moderation. Giga and Montage both have Recruitment Hubs for the high volume of jobseekers in Quezon City and Cebu City. 

Concentrix Montage Site Tour: https://www.facebook.com/ConcentrixPH/videos/1111278162857923/

Concentrix site investments include the work environment and overall staff experience. Concentrix VP of People Solutions in the Philippines Hazel Banas shares “Staff experience is top priority for Concentrix so it’s important to consider what’s meaningful and relevant to their needs and situations. Considering workplace and work environment – how safe, conducive, well-equipped with resources and well-supported the staff are, how we facilitate ease and access to information or services they need, how we reward and engage them –- these are all important. We also want to provide state-of-the-art facilities with flexibility in mind. Our spaces are deliberately designed for the perfect blend of functionality, productivity, and creativity. We also take staff feedback on what they need and want, so no two sites are necessarily the same. For example, you can have 2 sites with a gym, and another one without. It depends on the preference of local teams.”

Concentrix Davao Finance Center Site Tour https://www.facebook.com/ConcentrixPH/videos/352792670257928/

With a solid commitment to continued growth and investment in the country and its talent, Country Leader Amit Jagga is excited about the positive impact it will continue to make, He says “We anticipate the growth rate to continue being significant levels in line with the growth in business that clients give to us, including new client logos, all of which increase our hiring requirements. So we’re very excited to share about our sites and for more people to join Concentrix. If this trajectory continues leading up to 2023, and while we cannot give forward-looking statements as a publicly traded company, if we get close to double-digit % growth from the 100K scale we have today, that’s anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 staff net growth that we can expect.”

Concentrix Philippines is a recipient of “Highly Commended” recognition for Excellence in Employee Experience in the global Gartner Communication Awards 2022 and is among Asia’s Best Employer Brands for 2 years in a row. It is also the sole recipient of ICT Awards 2021 special award for “Outstanding Use of ICT Services To Fight COVID-19.”

Mactan-Cebu Airport temporarily transfers all departures to Terminal 2

To ensure the safety of passengers and staff during emergency rectification and repairs of damaged structures caused by Typhoon Odette last December 16, 2021, GMR MEGAWIDE Cebu Airport Corporation (GMCAC) will transfer all departures for both Domestic and International flights to Terminal 2 (T2) beginning Sunday, January 16, 2022, 06:00 a.m. PHT. The damage to Terminal 1 (T1) has been far more extensive especially at T1 departure areas which requires an immediate rectification program which will last several months. In order to ensure that users and stakeholders of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) continue to experience a high level of service, safety and security, GMCAC will consolidate all departures in Terminal 2 for the duration of the rectification program.

Domestic arrivals will continue to arrive at T1 South Wing Arrivals as this area is the least damaged section of T1. International Arrivals will also continue to arrive at T2 Arrivals in order to remain fully compliant with the arrival health protocols set by the national government and Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF).

In summary, the following operational concept will be as follows for each terminal:

Terminal 1

  1. All Domestic Arrivals will arrive at T1 South Wing Baggage Reclaim.
  2. Domestic Arriving passengers will access T1 Baggage Reclaim Hall from T2 by connecting airside link bridge or be transported by bus, depending on their designated aircraft parking bay and proximity to the Domestic Baggage Reclaim Hall in T1.
  3. Domestic Arrivals Pick-up for vehicles will remain at T1 Transportation Hub.
  4. Airport Village will remain operational with selected shops open for the benefit of meeters and greeters.

Terminal 2

  1. All Domestic and International Departures will access the upper level of T2 Departures Drop-off with limited waiting time for drop-off to prevent congestion.
  2. Domestic and International passengers will check-in at T2 and proceed through final security check to proceed to their designated boarding gates.
  3. International passengers will be separated from Domestic passengers at entry to the designated international boarding gates which have Immigration Counters located at the entry to the designated gates. 
  4. All passengers (both Domestic and International) will have access to all facilities in T2. However, certain retail outlets specifically for international passengers, such as Duty Free, will not be open due to the very low volume of international departing passengers for now.
  5. International Arriving passengers will access T2 Bureau of Quarantine Verification Counters, Immigration Counters, Baggage Reclaim Hall, and Customs in compliance with the current IATF protocols for arriving international passengers. 

GMCAC will ensure adequate staff guidance and signage is in place to provide passengers with directions and information during the switchover period.

The consolidated mode of operations at T2 will remain so until rectification and repairs of both T1 and T2 have been completed. Passengers and stakeholders shall be notified in advance of any changes to the designated use of Terminals 1 and 2 prior to any change of operations.