International Terminal fee to be included in ticket for flights out of Cebu starting September 1

Good news to all travelers who are traveling international through the Mactan-Cebu International Airport! Beginning September 1, 2019, the International Passenger Service Charge (IPSC), otherwise known as the international terminal fee, shall be incorporated into airline tickets at point of sale for all international flights issued or reissued out of Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Previously issued tickets without International Passenger Service Charge

Within a year from September 1, 2019, passengers who have been issued or reissued tickets without the integrated IPSC shall pay the IPSC at the terminal fee counters inside Terminal 2. During this period, the following processes shall be implemented:
– At the check-in counter, the airline representative will verify through their system if the IPSC has already been integrated. If paid, airline representative shall issue the boarding pass with a PAID stamp and a non-revenue receipt.
– If the ticket was issued or reissued prior to September 1 , 2019, the airline representative shall issue a boarding pass without the PAID stamp and direct the passenger to the terminal fee counters. At the terminal fee counter, the teller shall collect the IPSC payment from the passenger and issue a receipt attached to the boarding pass.

IPSC Exemption

These passengers are exempted from the IPSC payment as mandated by law:

  1. Children below two (2) years old, with or without any airline ticket
  2. Overseas Contract Worker
  3. Passenger denied entry
  4. Airline Crew
  5. Diplomats
  6. Athletes which have been officially endorsed by the Philippine Sports Commission
  7. Muslim Passengers travelling to Mecca on HAJ
  8. Any other person as may be specified by MCIAA in mutual agreement with GMCAC or as may be specified by legal requirement

For exempt passengers who have the IPSC integrated in their tickets, they will need to present the following documents at the terminal fee counter for claiming the exemption:

  1. Valid Overseas Exemption Certificate (OEC)
  2. Exemption certificate for pilgrims, athletes, and others
  3. Boarding pass

IPSC Refund

– All request for refunds shall be processed at the terminal fee counters on the day of departure upon presentation of:
* Boarding pass with PAID stamp
* Valid exemption documents as specified above
– Exempted passengers shall be refunded the full amount of the IPSC.
– For unused tickets, the air carrier shall be responsible for the processing of the refunds subject to the airline ticket terms and conditions.

For any concerns or further inquiries, passengers may contact Mactan-Cebu International Airport through (032) 494-7000 or email

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