Cebu Parklane launches Sugbuanong Bahandi

In celebration of Cebu’s truly global festival, the Sinulog Festival, Cebu Parklane International Hotel opened earlier today Sugbuanong Bahandi, an exhibit featuring Cebuano art and fashion.

Ms. Cenelyn Manguilimotan – General Manager – Cebu Parklane International Hotel
Ms. Jaybee Flores-Aquino – Marketing Communications Manager – Cebu Parklane International Hotel

The exhibit features three elements:

Sugbuanong Obra, a Painting Exhibit by Ruel Rosello,

Linya Sugbuana, an Amano Collection by Dexter Alazas,

and Balaanong Gasa, a Display of Josie Pereyra’s Sto. Niño collection.

Mr. Ruel Rosello, Ms. Josie Pereyra, Mr. Dexter Alazas

Check out the exhibit at the lobby of Parklane Hotel until January 31. Pit Señor!

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