Alisin ang bagabag sa Balagbag Falls, Real, Quezon

Part 6 of a series.

As soon as we got off the tricycle, we were already at the entrance to the Balagbag Falls. At the entrance, we had to pay a fee of P20 per head. You might ask, why is there a fee when this attraction is God-given? Well if you ask me, the fee is minimal but would go a long way in terms of maintaining the cleanliness within the vicinity of the waterfalls.

From where we were standing, I could already hear the gushing of the waters, so I got excited, the falls must just be near. And yes, it was just a leisurely walk in the park (or for this matter, walk in the forest).

Balagbal Falls Real Quezon
Mom waiting for the slow-paced me, LOL.

I estimated the “trek” to be around three hundred meters, or just the whole length of SM City Cebu. By the way, our very friendly tricycle driver went with us and served as an impromptu tour guide. Props!

And now, we have the Balagbag Falls, to ourselves!

Balagbag Falls, Real Quezon

But wait…

Balagbag Falls, Real Quezon
Okay there were some other people, no problem.

I was really mesmerized by the beauty of the waterfalls! Around a hundred feet high, the waterfalls has three levels: the pool, the first layer and second layer. The sight was really breath-taking and the waterfalls was really very sexy with its layers and I swear my photos doesn’t give it justice!

Balagbag Falls, Real, Quezon
Dropping water, music to my ears

Manong Driver-turned-Tourist-Guide then told us that we could have enjoyed a more beautiful Balagbag Falls if we visited during the rainy season as much, much more water would fall gracefully from the mountains down to the pool. Sigh, well there’s always next time anyway, right?

I just relished the moment by taking more photos and taking a slight dip in this natural wonder..

Balagbag Falls, Real Quezon
As you can see, there are people on the first layer of the waterfalls. It could be accessed through the natural staircase just to the left of the falls.

Balagbag Falls, Real Quezon

Balagbag Falls, Real, Quezon

Balagbag Falls, Real Quezon

Balagbag Falls, Real Quezon

Balagbag Falls, Real Quezon
The second level is still accessible but extra caution has to be taken as it can be very, very slippery!

Balagbag Falls, Real, Quezon
If you plan to spend the whole afternoon at the Balagbag Falls, with food and drinks, you can, as there are a few huts around the waterfalls. But always remember, Take only pictures, leave only the lightest of footprints, and bring home memories!

The water from the Balagbag Falls flows into a stream that directly exits to Lamon Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Balagbag Falls, Real Quezon

We spent an hour in Balagbag, and as much as we wanted to enjoy it longer, we had to go back to the resort before sundown. Thank you for embracing us, Balagbag Falls! Indeed, inalis mo ang aming mga bagabag!

(…to be continued)


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  1. you’re right this is a beauty! i’m not really into waterfalls but this is an exception. will definitely add this to my bucket list.

    1. Sinjin says: Reply

      Hi Carla! Indeed! Plus it’s really accessible. Looking forward to your experience soon! 🙂

  2. Madam/ Sir .Palagay naman ng Itinerary from Cubao .Kasama po badget .Tnx u at salamat 🙂

  3. astig 🙂

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